Systolic (SBP) & Diastolic Pressure (DBP)

SBP  The systolic pressure is the blood pressure when the heart contracts and is when the SBP reaches its peak pressure in the arteries.  Normal levels for Systolic are 100-120 mm HgOptimum levels are 110-120 mm HgBelow 90 mm Hg would be considered low and considered HypotensiveAbove 140 mm Hg would be considered high and may be an indicator of Hypertension.

DBP  The diastolic presure is the lowest pressure when the heart relaxes, minimum arterial pressure during the relaxation and dilation of the ventricles of the heart when the ventricles fill with blood.  Normal levels are 80-85 mm HgOptimum levels are 65-80 mm HgNormal levels for athletes or children may be 60-65 mm Hg levels above 90 mm Hg is consideredhigh and an indicator ofhypertension.  Below 60 mm Hg would be considered low and an indicator of Hypotension.